Vera Schneider & Bevin Smith

About Authors


Vera Schneider

Vera has begun her writing adventure relatively recently. Her goals in life were completely different, but then it happened; the mind’s fantasies demanded to be captured on paper. An integral part of her writing is the picturesque language which is used to stimulate the reader’s imagination. Vera’s inspiration comes from the dawn, the best time of day to reach for a pen. The process of creating requires total silence since, in her opinion, beautiful things are born quietly. Future aim? ...



Bevin Smith

Bevin Smith had always been writing. Her drawers are full of paper sheets covered in different inks. A library worth of paper to reach the dream effect- a book. Her pen produces stories full of lively descriptions, which would run wild if not contained within the bounds of the page. Bevin’s inspiration comes from the dusk when all her daily thoughts and ideas are put in a proper line, waiting to be transferred onto paper. Sounds around only assist her with forming the stories since, in her opinion, beautiful things are born noisily. Future aim? ...






Two completely different persons have connected. But… they have never seen each other in person. Even more, they have never spoken to each other. Then how? How did it start? The Internet was so generous to let them find each other. They met here, online. Among the millions of users, their IP addresses linked up to detect similarities. Two completely different persons melded with the same interest: writing. And then the exchange of words began. A small trickle became a stream, and then a river, and finally an ocean of letters forming words. When the sun rises, Vera writes. When the sun goes down, Bevin takes over. Work put in unceasing motion so the books could come to light. Silence and noise are joined to create a perfect symphony.

Future aim? You, the reader.