Vera Schneider & Bevin Smith

This book contains graphic descriptions of sex and is definitely intended for an 18+ Audience.


Adult Summary

In an all-male talent agency many strict rules have to be obeyed. No relationships. No erotic activities. Not even self-stimulation. But… sexual desire can’t be stifled, especially when you are a horny young man.


Kenta Yamamura is the perfect submissive bottom. Maybe it's his shyness that allures others or maybe the fact that he doesn't want to disappoint anyone, anyway he usually ends up in the arms of different partners. They take advantage of his inability to say no, leaving him in pain.

Masato Suto knows what love is. He's in a relationship, but it doesn't seem to be enough for him. Hiding the other sexual encounters makes him increasingly frustrated. Eventually, it leads to violent sex with his best friend, and this deed will influence his further life.

Shunji Nishimura considers sex to be something purely for pleasure. He is a young, bold man who doesn't think much about the consequences. He enjoys everything kinky, from bondage and pain to multiple partners. Living on the edge is extremely arousing for him. 

Love and lust can’t be tamed. Possession and jealousy are unstoppable. Dominance and submission are just natural. Rules? What are rules for? Everything's fine as long as nobody tells... And if you get caught... Isn’t it just